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JULIEDANCE was founded as a way to honor the memory of Patti and Darryl Vigon’s talented daughter, Julie, who died of Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, at the age of twelve in June 1985. Inspired by her radiance, kindness of spirit, joy for life, and love of dance, JULIEDANCE symbolizes the beauty and innocence of children. As a non-profit organization, JULIEDANCE combines the talents of professional performers and dance students from Miss Patti’s School of Dance in presenting dance and music productions, which, in addition to fostering appreciation and participation in performing arts, are fundraisers for pediatric cancer research, care, and treatment.

 This short ballet dance was prepared by the camp director, Roma Prima Bohachevsky, the night before the camp performance. Julie is in the center.

Video of Julie

Julie Elizabeth Vigon

October 16, 1972 — June 13, 1985

“Somewhere In Time”

Narration by: Anthony Laciura, Metropolitan Opera

2 thoughts on “JulieDance.org

  1. Hello Patty,
    I think we are cousins and I would love to connect with you. I believe your father and my father were first cousins. His name was Timotheos Papadatos. Were you a ballerina? We had your picture proudly displayed in our home. Please get in touch with me. Thanks


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